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paradise – рай

venue – место сбора, встречи

accounts for – составлять

sizable – ощутимый

option – выбор

stodgy – тяжелый (о пище)

used to go – обычно ходили (в прошлом)

huge – огромный

bowl – чаша, кубок

Eating out in London is like a gastronomic world tour. In the space of just a few days you can travel from America to Africa, taking in all the European countries, and the Near, Middle and Far East on the way. Over the past 30 years, and particularly last decade, London has been transformed into a veritable United Nations of cuisine.

London is a real paradise for lovers of Indian food; two very popular cuisines are Thai and Indian; Soho has a couple of the best-known Thai venues, alongside Japanese, Indonesian, and some of the best Chinese chefs and restaurants outside Hong Kong.

French cooking, the longest-established ‘guest” cuisine in the city, accounts for a sizable percentage of the high-class establishments in the City and around Mayfair.

Most restaurants provide a vegetarian option and some offer a separate vegetarian menu.

In some places you can get traditional British roast beef and stodgy puddings; seafood is a London specialty, with both new-style and traditional fish restaurants being well represented. If you want real old English food you must go to the Strand. Most visitors to London liked to go to the “Old Cheshire Cheese” of Fleet Street, an old chop-house where famous writers used to go. Dickens and Thackery went there in the 19th century. The specialty was the huge rump-steak, kidney and oyster pudding.

A plate of this with a pint of bitter beer in a long glass, followed by the pancake or the toasted cheese and special “punch” in a china bowl, is a meal you do not easily forget.

Exercise 1.

Translate from English into Russian:

gastronomic, particularly, veritable, cuisine, best-known Thai venues, alongside, sizable percentage, vegetarian menu, roast beef, stodgy puddings, seafood, London specialty, old chop-house, huge rump-steak, kidney and oyster pudding, plate, pancake, china bowl.

Text 2. Eating Out in New York.


memorabilia – памятные вещи

recipe – (кулинарный) рецепт

Peking duck – Пекинская утка (блюдо)

chow mein – чоу-мейн (китайское рагу из курицы или говядины с лапшой)

celebrity – знаменитость

buff – любитель, приверженец

lunch buffet – буфетные стойки с обслуживанием ‘ланч а-ля фуршет’

feature – показывать, устраивать

brunch (breakfast + lunch) – поздний завтрак

Planet Hollywood.

This spectacular and very popular eatery, which is decorated with rare film memorabilia, is owned by superstars Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis and Silvester Stallone. It is open seven days a week.


is famous for its deep-dish pizza – a recipe which it created in Chicago more than half a century ago. Other specialties include chicken Caesar salad.

China Peace.

This comfortable and romantic restaurant specializes in regional Chinese cuisine. Mandarin, Szechuan and Cantonese favorites include Peking duck and chow mein.

The Famous Oyster Bar.

Established in 1959, this restaurant serves world-renowned seafood.


with its famous celebrity caricatures is a must for theatre buffs. Specialties include shrimp Sardi and veal culet Vincent.

World Yacht Dining Cruises

– enjoy the incomparable Manhattan skyline while dining on a luxury yacht. The lunch buffet cruise Mon. – Sat. board from 11 a.m., departs at noon and returns at 2 p.m. Musical entertainment featured at brunch. The four-course dinner cruise Sun. – Fr-. boards from 6 p.m., departs at 7 p.m. and returns at 10 p.m. Musical entertainment and dancing featured at dinner.

Exercise 1.

Translate from English into Russian:

spectacular, rare, film memorabilia, to be owned by smb, deep-dish pizza, include, to specialize in, world-renowned seafood, famous celebrity, shrimp, veal culet, incomparable, luxury yacht,

lunch buffet cruise, musical entertainment, four-course dinner.


Read and translate the following dialogues:

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